About Diannia

Rev. Diannia is a resident of Granite Quarry, NC. She moved there after living for 32 years in the state of Florida. Known affectionately as Lady Diannia to her students and clients, she wears many hats from spiritual leader and teacher to life coach and author.

She was a first born to a family of five. She will tell you openly that she is a survivor of a previously abusive childhood and dysfunctional childhood. Her riveting blue eyes will hold you enthralled as she teaches you about life, personal responsibility and age old spiritual tools to enhance your life and bring about inner peace and understanding of the self. She started her journey to self awareness because her life wasn’t working. What she discovered along her journey she now teaches to others.

Her teaching and workshops are transformational and intense. Charismatic and loving she will take you to a life that you could have never thought you could have. She desires for you to understand that you were never meant to suffer. She helps you to know God and yourself in a very personal way and use your mind the way you were meant to. She is fond of saying, "it’s all about choices." She also says "if not now, when?"

You are an amazing miracle that God has brought into my life. I don’t even wonder where I would be now, or how different my life would have been without you coming in to coach me and my family. I remember when I came to you for a private reading over a year ago; it felt as if I just lost you for a while on this earthly plane and then simply found you. My heart welcomes you back. Thank you for the friend, coach, spiritual leader and sister that you have become to me and my entire family.
Teresa Keirn – Salisbury, NC