Diannia’s Blogs



This blog is all about everything spiritual, my life, thoughts, videos, articles even a recipe or two. If you desire spiritual development and knowledge this is a place to spend some time.

God’s Spirit Letters


This book revolves around my book..."Spirit Letters"
A few years ago I felt compelled to write God a letter and I received an answer immediately. It became a daily thing as I scribed for God. When I shared what was coming through many people told me that the letters were meant for everyone, Thus the book was born. To this day the continue and there are many of them on the blog that are not in the book.

Hectors Canine Dogma


A blog from my dog’s point of view about humans, God, the Universe and animals in general. This blog was started to raise animal awareness. I have often wondered what my little Chihuahua was thinking and what would he write about?

The Psychic World Of Lady D


I am currently working with a paranormal group and consult with a few others. I am often asked to do whatever is necessary to deal with the good spirits and the not so friendly entities and remove them from this earth dimension and bring peace to all concerned..This ability has been with me since I was very young. I see and talk to spirits and help them tell their story. I cross spirits into the light who are earth bound and identify them and become their voice.

I do spiritual psychic readings and counsel those who wish it. I receive information from what I call the spiritual realm that comes from those who have passed on, angels, spirit guides and God to bring knowledge and peace in all arenas of a persons life during a reading.