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Spirit Letters Book
Spirit Letters
Every now and then a book comes along that is life changing. Spirit letters is just such a book. Rev. Lady Diannia Baty after meditations and prayer was prompted by spirit to write in a letter what she felt or wanted to know. Before long she would receive a very strong calling to be a scribe for God to write these letters for information and guidance for everyone. She followed that strong spiritual prompting of her soul. It is just one of the many ways to make direct contact with the creator.

Baty believes that God has never stopped making direct contact with us and that we need to take God out of the box and widen our perspectives considerably. She urges all readers to realize that we all have so many choices –many more than we currently believe.

Spirit Letters reveals answers to subjects that range from balancing the demands of our lives to love and ego.

Baty states that the kingdom of heaven is within and that narrows the search for God considerably, doesn’t it?

She is now giving workshops and talks to teach others about writing their own spirit letters and opening their heart and spirit to God. She is fond of saying in order to hear God, you must learn how to listen and see what is being sent in guidance and messages and start to live our lives consciously.

This uncommon communication between her and the creator is possible for everyone.

Many people use the book as a guide for the day by opening the book spontaneously to any page and it will speak to an issue they currently are dealing with.

Cost: $19.95
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Remarkable Women of Faith
Remarkable Women of Faith
n this inspiring look at the lives of women of faith, Remarkable Women of Faith reveals intimate stories of women who model living faith. These women tell their stories and present testimonies of changed lives. They reveal the remarkable strengths that God cultivates in women who love Him. Conveying the assurance of God’s love, Remarkable Women of Faith provides encouragement for daily living from a woman’s point of view and connects today’s women with the Source of fulfillment who is available to sustain them during times of adversity as well as times of abundance.

Remarkable Women of Faith is a book about real women with stories drawn from their daily lives and genuine faith. "You don’t know God is all you need until God is all you’ve got," said one author. She speaks from experience. She "cut her first deal" with God as she was staring down the business end of a sawed–off shotgun begging for her life.

If you want to know how ordinary women live extraordinary lives, you will find out in this book.

Cost: $15


Each cd has two tracks. The first track is the teaching and the second is a deep guided meditation to facilitate the teaching and ground it into your consciousness. The meditation track is complete with music and sound effects to take you to a powerful beautiful experience. I have been told by many people that each time they experience the meditation it is different for them.

Forgiveness, How and Why
This cd shows you the way to forgive but more importantly helps you understand the how and why you should finally learn to forgive not as a concept but as a way of life and thinking. If you are having issues with forgiveness and most of us do, embrace this teaching and the guided meditation that will help you release what has been plaguing your spiritual awareness and finally release it.
Cost: $18
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Judgement and The Gratitude Attitude
This cd will help you to understand the horrible negative effects of judgment and how gratitude can help you discard your judgments. You will understand judgment in a way that you would have never considered before. In a no nonsense cut to the chase manner that Rev. Diannia is so famous for your eyes and your heart will be opened.
Cost: $18
plus $2.50 S&H
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