Psychic Readings

I have known about my intuitive and psychic abilities since I was about five. My mother had company one day when I walked in and calmly announced that my mothers’ visitor had a baby boy in her tummy. The woman didn’t know she was pregnant. My gift comes with only one source to empower me and that is the presence of God. This gift has been given to all of us. Some of us just have it developed to a higher degree.

Combine that with my coaching to help you through life and I am considered powerful and a healing presence. I have always known that we are not alone. Try an introductory session for 10 minutes to get acquainted and if this is for you then set up a session for later. I only wish to help and enlighten you. I desire to bring about more peace and understanding to your life.

Spiritual Psychic Readings

It has been my experience that many people call back for more sessions. This is a break for those people. Buy a package... 4 one hour sessions $200.00 ( a $60.00 savings).

By appointment only. Click Here To Schedule a Reading