Spiritual Coaching

I have been a spiritual life coach for 15 years now and It is one of the most rewarding things I do. My credentials are my life. There were times when I felt I had lived ten lives before I was 21 years old. I personally have stared death in the face through myself and others. I have suffered divorce, trauma, health issues, bankruptcy, relationship problems just like most of you out there. When I tell a client that I know how they feel, it is because I do. I have seen the effects of living your life with a victim mentality. I have also seen the negative effects of just being stuck and not knowing how to unlock the doors of your mind so you can move forward. My goal is to guide you through a process of taking your inner awareness to a many higher levels while reclaiming and finding a peaceful inner strength. I want you to live life joyfully and passionately and to experience a deep and long lasting change. I will guide you to a life you never thought possible with clear direction and purpose. I will coach you to become the highest and best version of yourself possible.

Why get spiritual life coaching?

People from all walks of life have been using the services of a life coach and a spiritual counselor to help them get their life on track. Now the aspects of both are combined in one person. Spiritual life coaches are a new breed of coaches that has developed from that need. There are times when we just get stuck in a negative mind pattern of thinking and doing. You know your life is not working and you don’t know why. Frustration, anxiety and stress becomes the norm in your life. Your personal relationships may be suffering as well. You are growing tired of not being able to make decisions that empower your life. Following through is many times a big issue. Your personal coach will hold you accountable as you make the changes that are needed to rewrite your story and face the world with peace and inner wisdom.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are too many to list but here are the highlights. These benefits apply to all aspects of your life.
  • There will be an end to confusion as you take your inner awareness to a new level
  • You will develop clear direction and be able to make good decisions
  • You will stay focused and on track
  • You will receive firm guidance and insights
  • You will learn to acknowledge your inner truths
  • You will see the big picture of limiting patterns
  • You will let go of the past
  • You will know peace and develop a relationship with your higher self

Most sessions are done over the phone unless you live locally. The cost is $80.00 per session that generally last an hour. I have a package available if prepaid by the month. In the beginning I suggest weekly sessions and then on call as needed.

Everything is by appointment. Please click here Schedule an Appointment