Teaching / Events

The Strange Truth
This workshop is designed to help both genders honor the differences in each other. It will also help you to see each other as an individual and not as an extension of yourself or a possession. Humorous, insightful and some role playing involved. If you want your relationship to take on a more loving, You will clearly be able to identify ego based issues you have brought to your relationship. You will take home tools that will enhance your relationships for years to come.

Workshop Length: 3 Hours

Spirituality In The Workplace
Time after time the delivery of this seminar will open your eyes wide as you clearly see where you can handle and communicate with people differently. You spend a lot of your life making a living and stress has become the norm. A lot of stress comes from the way you to relate to others. Stress is a major killer and cause of disease and unhappiness. The spiritual tools of awareness will take you to a new level in perception. Your productivity will increase and your sick days will be far and few between as fill your spiritual tool bow with ways to be in this world. No matter what you do for a living this is a powerful class. The awareness you will learn is will enhance your life like never before.

Workshop Length: 3 Hours

Martyr No More How to Stop Being A People Pleaser
Many women are people pleasers to a point of insanity. They have no life or interests of their own and are very unhappy. If this is you, this workshop will help you identify how and why you do this and how to break the bondage you have out yourself in. You will be coached in how to honor self and why that is not selfish. You are worthy of happiness.

Workshop Length: 3 Hours

How to Deal With The Crazy Makers In Your Life
When strangling someone isn’t an option what do you do then? We all have difficult people in our lives who push our buttons constantly. There are very effective ways of dealing with them . You will see the people in your life in a totally new way and the techniques taught in this class will be far reaching and unforgettable.

Workshop Length: 2.5 Hours

The Power of Gratitude and Now
This is a transformational spiritual class taught in a powerful user friendly way that is joyful, fearless and clear as a bell. Like a laser beam her words will cut to the chase. You will walk away from this class with an understanding of yourself and life and the God of your heart and will never be able to forget what you learn.

Workshop Length: 4 Hours

Cost can vary according to the location and size of the group. If you have any questions please call. Let me know what your needs are and I will try and accommodate your group.